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Pricelist for soil and other related products

Product Unit Tax-exclusive price Tax-inclusive price (VAT)
Soil m3
Sifted gardening soil t 9,50 11,40
Peat soil m3 14,00 16,80
Compost t 6,00 7,20

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Sifted soil

SoelutudmuldSifted top soil is natural field soil that has been screened by machinery. Its composition and texture may vary depending on the area in which it is being taken. Sifted soil suits well for gardening and landscaping. When ordering, keep in mind that although the material is screened and constantly inspected, small stones, roots and other particles may enter the soil when loaded with an excavator. Fortunately, such cases are quite rare. Customers can review the material themselves before placing their order.

Peat soil

Turba muldPeat soil is a mixture of peat and soil. Due to its high acidity, it is well suited for growing conifers. Peat soil is also used as an additive to fertile soil and to improve its structure. Depending on the order, peat soil may contain 30,50,70% of peat


KompostCompost is a natural fertilizer consisting of plant residues and is used to reduce plant damage and increase yields. Due to its neutral or weakly alkaline acidity, compost prevents soil acidification, also provides the soil with microelements and plant nutrients, loosens the soil and facilitates soil cultivation.

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